Side Arm Bag

Side Arm Bag

  • The main bag of the wheelchair bag can hold a purse, or necessary medical supplies.protecting your items from unexpected spills.
  • Two convenient outer pockets provide easy access to everyday items such as drinks and snacks, glasses, pen, notepad, electronic devices and more.
  • Easy To Use Zipper, Multi-directional zipper with two large pulls for ease of use



  • 1. Keep your phone, wallet, snacks, medication, glasses case and other essentials within an easy arm's reach with this indispensable wheelchair armrest organizer bag.
  • 2. With 3 front pockets and one zippered compartment, there is plenty of space for all your personal items. Carefully designed to the perfect size for attaching to the inside or outside of your wheelchair armrest.
  • 3. Two hook and loop straps allow quick and easy fitment to most powered and manual wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters, mobility chairs, walkers and rollators.


Suggest To Store:


  • 1.Small water bottles, glasses, small notebooks and pens
  • 2.Emergency aids, food items, wallet and keys
  • 3.Mobile phones, music players, ereaders and much more


The Attachment:


  • These bags have hook and loop straps that allow for effortless application and adjustments.
  • They are specifically designed to be short to ensure a strong tight fit to the armrest.


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Verified Reviews


"This place put the Beast to the Ultimate test! 

It was very steep! 

Climbing up was no problem; it tipped back on the Wheelie bars a few times. The Beast kept it under control.

The freedoms I have now to go places and spend time with my Grandchildren are amazing!

I got a cart to pull so I can take my youngest Grandson for a ride. 

He loves it!"

Bryan M. 


James William

Verified Customer - Ranger Quattro

5 star 1.png

On road, off road the Quattro takes me in comfort, dependability, and utmost style!



  Excited about having this forum to tout the massive change my new Ranger Quattro has engendered in my life!!!

  I have been a T5 Complete paraplegic since 1991. I have no sensation or control from the upper chest down so I have been confined to manual wheelchairs since then. Nevertheless I prided myself in staying as fit as possible and wheeled miles each day as part of my fitness 

routine. Unfortunately I have suffered some setbacks and over a year and a half ago my health further deteriorated when I developed a condition called Charcot's Joint. As such my independent mobility ended and I had to research the market for a powered alternative. Since I am a disabled veteran, the VA offered me a variety of their powered options but every unit was large, heavy, and unsightly. I did, however, find a number of more portable powered chairs that resembled my manual sport chair. I will attest to the fact that the Quattro is easily the most structurally sound and efficient of all the chairs I analyzed!

  VA refused to supply me the chair but, for Christmas, my friends gifted me this veritable lifechanger! Now I am regaining my freedom. I am at the fitness center regularly. I go shopping with my daughter and I race against my granddaughter! Recently my family