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Porto Mobility RANGER QUATTRO XL 21.5" Seat Width - World's Widest Seat Electric Wheelchair that folds up! Ultra Exclusive Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair, Lighter, stronger, Taller, Wider, and Longer Distance Super Horse Power Dual Motorized Portable Folding Power Wheelchair.


The most recent Ultra Exclusive Power Wheelchair of Ranger series  named “Quattro” by Porto Mobility is now on Stage and waiting to take off its distinguished owner. The expert designed and engineered Power wheelchair has the ability to easily, virtually and effortlessly go over curbs, through grass, and over rough surfaces, the Ranger Quattro Power Folding Wheelchair is naturally the smart choice among all.


Both Arms Fold Up, The Controller Comes off – The Quattro XL is easy to Control, Manage and Use! Additionally, the joystick turns turns downwards for entering dining table and for better storage it can also be changed from the right side of the chair to the left side of the chair without effort.


RANGER QUATTRO XL Package includes:

1 x Electric Wheelchair

1 x 360 Degree Universal Joystick Controller

2 x 10AH Lithium Battery

1 x 5AH Rapid Charger (%150 faster than regular chargers)

1 x Under Seat Storage Bag

1 x Travel Cover Case

1 x Seat Belt

1 x Cup Holder

1 x User Manual

1 x Mini Tool Kit

Comfortable, Clean and Convenient

Ranger Quattro XL includes spacious under-the-seat storage, removable seat cushion and back rest (washable up to 95℃) and flip-up foot rest for added comfort.


  • 4 Years for the Frame
  • 2 Years for the Motor
  • 1 Year for the Controller and Batteries

The Ranger Quattro Is One Of Americas Favorite Power Wheelchairs Due To Its Ability To Easily Fold With Almost No Effort Into A Small Compact Compartment.

HORSE POWER!! Two 250 watt Brushless ultra powerful motors provide you with all the torque you could possibly need even on hills and inclines. Also, the Quattro has a freewheel or neutral option allowing it to be used as a manual chair so caregivers can opt to push it manually.

Built to Travel: Traveling and Going On Vacations Not only is the Quattro light, easy to operate and perfect for travels that are long-distance it’s also Airplane Ready! The Quattro comes with TWO 10ah Airline Compliant Non-Spillable Lithium-Ion Batteries. You can take your Quattro on airplanes, cruise ships, trains, public transportation and in taxi cabs (or with Uber or Lyft).

We offer a Travel Bag to protect your Quattro from those dreaded “Baggage Handlers”. We all know the wear and tear they can cause on our luggage. Our heavy duty travel bag will help protect your chair and keep everything in one place. The velcro straps fit perfectly around your chair, so you can cover your chair in seconds while you are on the gangway getting ready to board the plane.

Max Weight Capacity: 400lbs

Maximum Speed: up to 7 miles

Ground Clearance: 2.5”-3.5"(adjustable)

Grade Ability: up to 25 Degree

Turning Radius: 33”

Overall Length:39.4”

Overall Width: 25.2”

Overall Height: 35”

Folding Length: 25.2”

Folding Height:13.2

Folding Width: 29.1

Front Wheels: 8” Puncture free

Rear Drive Wheels: 12” Puncure free

Suspension: 4 pieces

Motor: 250W x 2, rear-wheel drive and steering

Brakes: Intelligent braking (electronic, regenerative

disc brakes)

Standard Electronics: 40 amp, brushless motor controller

Drive Distance: 2 Batteries up to 20 Miles (original) - (3 battery up to 30Miles)

Per Battery Capacity: 24V 10Ah

Battery Weight 3.50 lbs

Charging Time: 2H by 5A charger

Joystick: Left, Right Or Backrest

Backrest : Adjustable Height

Base Weight: 55 lbs

Seat Dimensions Width x Depth: 21.5” x 17”

Nothing is more important than your freedom! Get a Ranger Power Chair Today & begin to live like the way you deserve. Go and Do what you love to do!

Join the thousands of others who have regained their independence &

Experience the things you've been missing.

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John R. Hill  Verified Buyer

Easy to use wheelchair and very convenient for portability.

April 17, 2019

I am a diabetic with constant ulcers on the bottom of my feet. This wheelchair wIll allow me to go places that I have avoided for a long time. The mall, Flea markets, and amusement parks just to name a few. I am 6‘1“ and weigh about 320 pounds and I have no problems fitting in the seat or getting in and out of the wheelchair. The chair is easy to use and folds just like advertised. I love my Porto Mobility Ranger Wheelchair and would recommend it to anyone needing a portable wheelchair.

Update: 5/1/19 Traveled to Florida for business and had no issues taking my Ranger through airport security and to the gate. You need to get a claim ticket at the gate. Folded it up right before the plane entrance, they put it on board and after landing it was awaiting for me at the plane exit, ready to unfold, jump on, and ride up the gate exit. It really travels well if you can fit your clothes in a large backpack as a carryon. I just strapped my backpack onto the back of the wheelchair when traveling through the airport. Wow what a great experience.

Billy J Nugent  Verified Buyer

May 4, 2019

I have used this wheelchair for almost 3 months and it continues to impress me with the distance the dual batteries provide. I have used it most of the time in my house but on many occasions I have used it outside in grass, gravel, dirt and on my sidewalks. It handles all surfaces with ease and remains stable in pretty sharp turns at a reasonable speed. This is my fourth wheelchair and it is easily my favorite for all around use and is by far the best on uneven terrain or when there is need to go up slopes that are far steeper than any public access wheelchair ramps I have encountered. I am 73 y/o, 5'7" and weigh about 150. I believe my strength is no better than average for my age and size. I have been able to load this wheelchair by myself, although not easily, into the cargo area of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I find it is much easier to manage with the seat cushion and batteries removed before folding when lifting into my vehicle. My only complaint is that the seat cushion, although being comfortable, is thick enough to affect the compactness when folded but not by a lot and is easily removed if desired during transport. I would definitely buy this wheelchair again.

Rachael  Verified Buyer

April 17, 2019

I have limited mobility. I did a lot of research and finally settled on this chair.

It arrived very well packaged. Was fully assembled (except for the joystick). The controls are very sensitive, so it takes a little practice. It's also pretty fast and best of all, quiet. I was surprised at the weight of the chair. For some reason I thought it would be a bit lighter than it is. But then, I'm not exactly a light weight myself, so it can't be too light. The quality of the chair matches the price. I LOVE MY NEW FREEDOM!!!

Greg  Verified Buyer

March 15, 2019

I bought this chair for my mom because neither her full size wheelchair nor 3 wheel mobility scooter has been able to fit all her needs. This chair is a miracle! It has everything she needs! She loved how the chair can turn 360 degree! She can easily move around in her apartment especially in the kitchen area. Last weekend, I took her out of town for her nephew’s wedding. I was able to place the chair in my compact Mercedes c300’s trunk easily! We charged the chair night before and during the entire day she was out riding through all over the place with a single charge! Long range battery is very convenient! At the end of the day, she was still energetic. She said the chair was comfy. Considering someone almost 240lbs riding it thru the day and still feeling comfy is impressive! With this chair, she already looks forward to her Hawaii trip!


Thanks to the customer service. They called to follow up and check if everything was ok after the chair’s delivery!

Ron Thompson  Verified Buyer

May 4, 2019

I like the chair. It is easy to fold up and get into my van and even open it fits okay. It is taking a bit of doing to learn how to operate it because I have never used a joystick before but it's coming along okay. So far the battery life is great! Since I received it and charged it I haven't even had to charge it again. Your supposed to run it down all the way before charging it again and I'm only about half way. I'm a bit big for it even tho' I meet the weight requirements but my wife says that I need to lose weight anyway so that problem would be taken care of. Quite happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. Ron Thompson

Erik Berridge  Verified Buyer

April 29, 2019

This electric wheelchair is great, it has large wheels that allow to travel across unpaved surfaces, it seems to be climb relatively steep inclines and has more speed than we will ever use. It is nice that it can be set to lower speeds for beginner operators! We are looking forward to our 94 year old father joining us on walks. With it’s long range, his wheelchair will last a lot longer than we will. The spring rains have kept us from fully testing it’s range, but after three weeks we are pleased. It arrived very well packed, and took under five minutes to put together, with good instructions as well.

Richard Brown  Verified Buyer

April 23, 2019

The chair has proven to be very easy to load into my hatchback automobile. The chair can be folded into a compact package in seconds and at only 46 pounds it can easily be maneuvered into the vehicle. The chair is comfortable and very responsive to the Joystick. I particularly like the separate speed limit control which can be set to slow in crowded situations. Overall it is a well designed, strong, comfortable, and relatively powerful (500 Watts) wheelchair.