Adjustable Headrest for Quattro and Quattro XL

Adjustable Headrest for Quattro and Quattro XL


Adjustable Headrest compatible with Ranger D09, D09-S D09-S XL, Royce and Quattro, Quattro XL chairs. Accessories are exclusively available only for Porto Mobility Power Wheelchair customers only.

The curved padded headrest has a comfortable and breathable surface. Its features and benefits ensure proper positioning and comfort, superb quality and is competitively priced.

Positioning the head contributes to the user’s quality of life and plays an important role in improving an array of physical challenges.

The headrest offer basic neck support for complete head control for conditions like ALS and other conditions with head drop syndrome and are designed for patients who have little control over head movement.

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Verified Reviews


"This place put the Beast to the Ultimate test! 

It was very steep! 

Climbing up was no problem; it tipped back on the Wheelie bars a few times. The Beast kept it under control.

The freedoms I have now to go places and spend time with my Grandchildren are amazing!

I got a cart to pull so I can take my youngest Grandson for a ride. 

He loves it!"

Bryan M. 


James William

Verified Customer - Ranger Quattro

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On road, off road the Quattro takes me in comfort, dependability, and utmost style!



  Excited about having this forum to tout the massive change my new Ranger Quattro has engendered in my life!!!

  I have been a T5 Complete paraplegic since 1991. I have no sensation or control from the upper chest down so I have been confined to manual wheelchairs since then. Nevertheless I prided myself in staying as fit as possible and wheeled miles each day as part of my fitness </